Monthly Archives: October 2014

Racism 2.0

This year (2014) has seen the publication of two extraordinarily important academic monographs on racism – its histories and legacies. In drafting a primer on racism entitled Hva er rasisme? [What is racism?] due out for publication in Norwegian with Universitetsforlaget in Oslo (a main academic publisher in Norway) in early 2015 in a series […]

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The Artist As Provocateur: Handke And Knausgård

As literary spats go, it had auspicious beginnings. On September 21 this year, the Austrian-born playwright and essayist Peter Handke (1942 -) made his way through an irate crowd of protesters assembled outside the National Theatre in Central Oslo, Norway in order to receive the 2.6 million Ibsen Award for ‘extraordinary efforts in the spirit […]

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Right-wing populists in power: the case of Norway

Today, Thursday October 16 2014, marks the one year ‘celebration’ of the coming to power of the populist right-wing Progress Party (PP, or Fremskrittspartiet in Norwegian) as a junior partner in a coalition government with the Conservative Party Høyre) after the parliamentary elections of September 2013.  Now, for those of you unfamiliar with modern Norwegian […]

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