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Critical Muslim

My new essay on ‘Researching Islamophobia’, commissioned by the Hurst & Co./Muslim Institute Journal ‘Critical Muslim’ (edited by Prof Ziauddin Sardar) for its July-September 2015 Issue on ‘Educational Reform’ (#15) is out now, and available in open access at the journal’s website here: . Alternatively, it may also be downloaded from my Professional pages at […]

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Routledge has recently published the following anthology edited by Profs Ralph D. Grillo (Sussex University) and Marcel Maussen (University of Amsterdam) entitled ‘Regulation of Speech in Multicultural Societies’. Originally based on papers first presented at a conference at the University of Amsterdam in 2011, it was first published as a special issue of the Journal […]

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My own and Cora A. Døving’s primer on racism – Hva er rasisme? [What is racism?] Universitetsforlaget, 2015 – has been reviewed by Mohamed Abdi for the Norwegian journal Samora. The review can be read in full in Norwegian here:

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