Monthly Archives: August 2015

LO Aktuell

LO Aktuell, a publication of the largest trade union umbrella organisation in Norway – Landsorganisasjonen (LO) – has recently published the following fine review of my co-authored title ‘Hva er rasisme?’ ['What is racism?'] (with Cora Alexa Døving, Universitetsforlaget, 2015). The conclusion reads as follows: “The authors know what they are talking about” [sic]. Available […]

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The Immanent Frame

The Social Sciences Research Council (SSRC)’s academic blog ‘The Immanent Frame’ has today, August 5 2015, published my essay ‘The Public Voice of Muslim Women’, which draws on material from my recently published monograph ‘The Politics of Mediated Presence’ (Scandinavian Academic Press, 2015). It can be read here:

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Regarding Salafism

“For him, humanity was divided into the rogues and the honest: there was nothing in between.” Anton Chekhov, Ward no.6 Introducing Salafism Previously often on the margins of both scholarly, media and political attention, few ideological currents in contemporary Islam have received more attention in recent years than Salafism.  In my native Norway, this has […]

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