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Hate Speech: The Dark Twin Of Free Speech

Freedom of opinion is a farce, unless factual information is guaranteed, and the facts themselves are not in dispute. Hannah Arendt, ‘Truth and politics’, 1966. On October 20 2014, an unemployed fifty-seven year old white Norwegian man entered a supermarket in an Eastern suburb of the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Walking through the supermarket, he […]

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Presentation at Princeton University, Oct 2, 2015

THE RELATION OF FEAR AND PHOBIA TO SOCIAL INTEGRATION Presentation  for Conference on Xenophobia and Social Integration at the Institute For Advanced Studies (IAS)/Princeton Institute For International and Regional Studies (PIIRS), Princeton University, Oct 1 to 3 2015. Given by Sindre Bangstad (cand. Polit., PhD in Anthropology), Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo, Norway at Aaron Burr […]

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