Monthly Archives: December 2015

NRK Lørdagsrevyen

An important news item from the Norwegian National Broadcaster NRK’s Saturday 7’o clock TV news show Lørdagsrevyen on 12.12.2015 concerning hate crimes and harassment against ordinary Muslims in Norway after the Paris terror attacks. I have a small cameo herein. The item starts at 00:21:15 – 15. Økt muslimhets i Norge, and is available for […]

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NRK Finmark

An interview I did with NRK Finmark concerning the latest hallucinations of the Norwegian government-supported far-right activist Hege Storhaug and her outfit Human Rights Service (HRS). Storhaugs claim to the effect that some ’30-40 % of Norwegian Muslims may be fundamentalists’ is based on extrapolations from a methodologically flawed and dubious study of Moroccan and […]

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The Worlds Made And Unmade By Religious Freedom

Hence, the very idea of freedom of religion is paradoxical; it is the freedom to be unfree in a particular kind of way. Michael Lambek, Is Religion Free?, 2015. Introducing the politics of religious freedom The Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo in Norway, my academic home for almost two years between 2013 […]

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