Monthly Archives: June 2016

Columbia Global Freedom of Expression

I have written a new case summary for the Columbia Global Freedom of Expression Project. This case, decided by the Oslo Magistrate’s Court on Aug 31 2015, related to a hate crimes case – including hate speech – perpetrated by three men with neo-Nazi and football hooligan affiliations against two random victims of Kurdish and […]

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Ublogg on racism

My Norwegian publisher Universitetsforlaget (Norway’s leading academic publisher) has recently launched a blog featuring original material from its authors. Here’s a commissioned essay I have done for this blog on the ‘visual cultures of racism’ – with historical illustrations. With thanks to Universitetsforlaget’s Marte Stapnes for editing and work on the illustrations.    

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Anthropology’s Conscience: Reading David H. Price

«He didn’t even hear what I said; he was absorbed already in the dilemmas of Democracy and the responsibilities of the West; he was determined – I learnt that very soon – to do good, not to any individual person but to a country, a continent, a world. Well, he was in his element now […]

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