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Hate Speech: The Dark Twin Of Free Speech

Freedom of opinion is a farce, unless factual information is guaranteed, and the facts themselves are not in dispute. Hannah Arendt, ‘Truth and politics’, 1966. On October 20 2014, an unemployed fifty-seven year old white Norwegian man entered a supermarket in an Eastern suburb of the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Walking through the supermarket, he […]

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My own and Cora A. Døving’s primer on racism – Hva er rasisme? [What is racism?] Universitetsforlaget, 2015 – has been reviewed by Mohamed Abdi for the Norwegian journal Samora. The review can be read in full in Norwegian here:

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The Dark Sides of Norwegian History

For although we desire the soothing effects of a resolution, we are not ready to renounce the freedom to question. Marcel Gauchet, The Disenchantment of The World: A Political History of Religion (Princeton University Press, 1997). Earlier this year, the Norwegian Book Critics Award – Kritikerprisen – was awarded to Professor of English Literature at […]

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