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On the public voices of Muslim women

It’s not what you say that prompts it, it’s the fact that you are saying it. Mary Beard, ‘The Public Voice of Women’, London Review of Books, 2014. For Fatima Almanea (20), Norwegian librarian, Norwegian citizen. The past weeks in Norway have seen yet another round of harassment and death threats against young Norwegian females […]

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This article, entitled ‘The racism that dares not speak its name: Rethinking neo-nationalism and neo-racism’ appeared in the inaugural special issue of Intersections: East European Journal of Society and Politics’, edited by my colleagues Margot Feinschmidt (University of Budapest, Hungary) and Peter Hervik (University of Aarhus, Denmark). This special issue, which is based on presentations at […]

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By consent of the publishers Aschehoug, the Norwegian academic journal Agora: Journal for Metafysisk Spekulasjon has permitted the Norwegian Centre Against Racism (Antirasistisk Senter, ARS) to publish a pdf of my most recent article on Islamophobia and racism in open access and free of charge. It is the introductory essay in a double issue of Agora […]

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