Council of European Studies (CES) Conference Presentations 2016

At the upcoming Council Of European Studies (CES) Conference on Resilient Europe? in Philadelphia, USA from April 14 to 16 2016, I will be presenting in two panels on the opening day of August 14. In the first panel on Public Policy and Muslim Influence in European Governance of Islam, chaired by Olav Elgvin, I will be presenting a paper entitled Governance of Islam in Norway. The co-panelists are Marcel Maussen, Jonathan Laurence, Ragna Lillevik and Ingvill Th. Plesner.

In the second panel on The Limits of Free Speech in Europe, organized by Erik Bleich and chaired by Marcel Maussen, I will be presenting a paper entitled Reframing Hate Speech. Other presenters include Erik Bleich, Thomas Moylan Kech, Defre Oren and Arnfinn H. Midtboen.

The full program for the conference is available for download from the CES.    

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