Curriculum Vitae



2003-2007:  International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM) i Leiden, Nederland – PhD Fellow. PhD degree awarded by Radboud University 10.09.07.


1998-2002: University of Bergen, Norway – Cand.Polit.-degree in Social Anthropology based on a dissertation about Muslims in Cape Town.


1993-1998: University of Bergen, Norway – Cand.Mag-degree with undergraduate studies in Social Anthropology, Spanish and Latin American Studies and Sociology.




2013-2014: Affiliated Researcher, Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo.


2010-2013: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo. Postdoctoral funding from the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) for the project Vernacular Concepts of the Secular Among Young Norwegian Muslims.


2008-2010: Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway.


2008: First consultant/Case worker Immigration Appeals’ Board (UNE), Oslo, Norway.


2003-2007: PhD Fellow at the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM), Leiden, The Netherlands.


2002: Research Assistant at Christian Michelsen’s Institute (CMI) in Bergen, Norway. Main author on a bibliography of Palestinian Islamist Movements published by CMI, and co-author of a report on Norwegian bilateral aid to South Africa 1990-2000.


2001-2002: Instructor at undergraduate levels in Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen.



2013: Fieldwork on ‘vernacular concepts of the secular’ among young Norwegians of Muslim minority background resident in Oslo, Norway.


2004-2005: 9 months of fieldwork among Muslims in different communities in Cape Town, South Africa.


2003-2004: 6 months in Cape Town, South Africa.


2000: 8 months fieldwork among Muslims in a township in Cape Town, South Africa.



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‘Religion-Secular’, Commissoned and accepted for publication in Vocabulary for the Study of Religion, edited by Robert Segal and Kocku Van Stockrad. 2015. Leiden: Brill.


[In Norwegian] ‘Anti-muslimsk rasisme’ Commisioned article for special issue of Agora-Journal for Metafysisk Spekulasjon on Racism edited by Prof Frode Helland, 2015 [1]


Anthropology In Our Times: A Series in Public Anthropology. 300 pp. Edited and introduced by Sindre Bangstad, prefaces by Prof Jean Comaroff (Harvard University, USA) and Prof Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo, Norway).




Referee for Ethnos, Social Analysis, Theory, Culture and Society, American Ethnologist, Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology Today, Anthropological Theory, Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift, Din, Kirke og Kultur, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.




Have taught at Oslo University College (Høgskolen i Oslo) 2008-09, given courses in the Anthropology of Islam at the Faculty of Theology (Teologisk Fakultet) at the University of Oslo (2012, 2014), Religion and Politics at the Faculty of Theology (Teologisk Fakultet) at the University of Oslo (2014), courses in secularism at the School of Theology (Menighetsfakultetet) in Oslo (2013) and in Religion and Multiculturalism at the School of Theology (Menighetsfakultetet) in Oslo (2014).




Supervision of students at M. A. level in Social Work at Oslo University College (2009 to 2010), and students at M. A. level at the Faculty of Theology at the University of Oslo (2009 to 2010). Co-supervisor for Norwegian M.A. student at Universite de Saint Joseph/Beirut, Lebanon 2012-13.





2004: Islam and the Public Sphere. PhD Course at the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM), Leiden, The Netherlands.


2007: Conceptions of Islam. PhD Course at the Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, University of Bergen, Norway.




2008: Universitetsforlagets Faglitteraere Pris for Best Prose Manuscript.


2011: Northern Scholars’ Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.


2011: Invited Lecturer, Norwegian Academy of Sciences, Oslo, Norway.


2014: Invited Lecturer, Columbia University, University of Connecticut and Middlebury College,USA.



Interviews with NRK (Radio), TV2, Morgenbladet, Klassekampen (National), Al-Jazeera Arabic (Qatar), The Globe & Mail (Canada), YLE Radio and TV (Finland), La Republicca (Italy). Have published in Aftenposten, Klassekampen, Dagbladet, Morgenbladet, Dagsavisen, Dag og Tid, Bergens Tidende (national), as well as The Guardian UK, Mail & Guardian South Africa, Open Democracy and The Immanent Frame (International).




Initiator and main coordinator of series in public anthropology funded by Fritt Ord Foundation and featuring leading international scholars of social anthropology at the House of Literature in Oslo 2009-2014.


Co-organizer (with Prof Matti Bunzl of University of Illinois-Urbana- Champaign) of panel on Islam and Secularism in Europe, Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), New Orleans, USA 2010.


Co-organizer (with Assoc. Prof Heiko Henkel of Copenhagen University) of panel on Scandinavian Anthropology After 22/7 2011, Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), San Francisco, USA, 2012.