Journal of Contemporary European Studies

Highlights from Mark Emmerson’s (University of Queensland, Australia) review of my monograph ‘Anders Breivik And The Rise of Islamophobia’ in the Taylor & Francis ‘Journal of Contemporary European Studies’ 2015:

“Bangstad is an emphatic writer who is clearly emotionally vested in the issues that he discusses, yet this is not a weakness, and instead gives the work a sense of humanity that would be missing from a clinical study, bleached of emotion and care for his subject…[...]…Overall, Bangstad is commended for revealing the pernicious societal undercurrents that risk further incitement to violence in Western European nations…[...]….The work would be beneficial for those seeking to understand the rise of far-right and racist discourses in contemporary Europe, the mainstreaming of such discriminatory discourses and their spread in an age of Internet and social media, immigration and ensuing social and economic unrest and, most importantly, shifting perceptions of freedom of expression in denigrating our fellow human beings.”

Full review available here:


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