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Return to South Africa

You’ll see how it is – it’s still that kind of city – here where one thing leads, shades into another; where footpath becomes road, road a roadstead, where the stone of the mountain turns to street-stone, and you’d almost believe the one were the other, and that where it all leads, the sole place […]

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Vårt Land

Op-ed in the Norwegian daily newspaper Vårt Land, March 2 2015 on the dubious ‘science’ of Prof Malik B. Badri and the ‘islamisation of knowledge’- paradigm in which he operates. http://www.verdidebatt.no/debatt/cat12/subcat15/thread11562099/ For a substantially longer English version of my argument herein, see my essay ‘AIDS And The Wrath of God’ in Farid Esack and Sarah […]

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